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Over the past decade, Monteith has worked with and learned from some of the best minds and most talented craftsmen in the Porsche industry to refine his restoration and performance skills. His ability to network with industry pros across the country continues to pay dividends for his restoration and performance clients. We will always continue to build and refine our skills as we network and learn from technology.

Monteith’s passion for restoring fine sports cars began very early. He had completed his first solo restoration (a 1975 Corvette) before he was old enough to drive. By high school graduation he was experienced in van conversions to 4-wheel drive as well as car disassembly and restoration.

After high school he began remaking parts such as heater cans that could not be purchased, eventually supplying them to retailers. He began engine and transaxle rebuilds as well as suspension rebuilding and restoration. During this period he also restored a Royale race car with Porsche drive train, fabricating many of the pieces needed for it to compete in vintage races.

After studying machine technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology of Penn State, he gained valuable experience working on Porsche 356s and building a second Royale race car before opening his own business. Monteith Restoration & Performance has evolved into a team of highly talented individuals who’s passion for cars show in every detail. From award winning restorations to daily driving restorations our goal is to work with our customers providing them with the convenience of a one-stop resource.

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MRP At A Glance

  • We specialize in Porsche 356, 911, 997 and Boxster.
  • High-end muscle cars and exotics also are considered.
  • Detailed billing report provided, including record of maintenance and upgrades.
  • All work is performed or personally supervised by Wes Monteith.
  • Check out our facilities page for a look at our state-of-the-art site.

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