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Wow…here’s a car we don’t see everyday.

Working with so many different styles of cars over the years; I found, people are either drawn to exotic cars or not. I find the Ferrari 308 very intriguing from a mechanical and craftsmanship standpoint. A couple things everyone would agree on while looking at this car: 1. It’s certainly an eye catcher!. 2. It just looks fast and sleek. 3. Looks like summer and reminds me of Miami.

The interior is quite comfortable and very roomy.Being tall is not a problem..the seats adjust and are very accommodating. All the gauges are definitely positioned for quick and easy access. As for getting out of the car, you’ll have to draw your own conclusion.

Although we don’t see many Ferrari’s pass through the shop. MRP has learned it is very hard to find a shop that can service and fix Ferrari’s. We are setup to fully service and maintenance them.  If you or anyone else needs to have service work done- give us a call.

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