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The Gundo Hack – Porsche Sport Exhaust Modification

For your  Porsche 996 and 997’s, we now offer a Porsche Sport Exhaust Modification with tig welding done by our welding friend, Bob.  More information after some pictures…

FinishedSport Exhaust

Side by Side

Sport Exhaust

Tig welding is one alternative for the sport exhaust modification at a much lower cost!

The Gundo Hack is a modification which resembles the basic element of the Porsche Sports Exhaust (PSE). In the PSE part of the muffler is bypassed when a valve opens.  The Gundo Hack simply involves cutting a hole in the inlet and outlet pipes of the muffler and welding a stainless steel tube between those holes.

The result is an improved tone and loudness which many 996 owners consider to be sporty in comparison to the stock mufflers.

Call us today for more information on this hack!

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