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Wood Grain Interior Makeover on a 2001 Porsche 911

The owner of this 2001 Porsche 911 began to notice the original wood grain sections of his car beginning to chip off and looking for a solution, called us!

wginteriorbefore wgdoorbefore wgshiftebrakebefore

After researching the very few options we had, we experimented with a vinyl wrapping, which after applied, looked wonderful…!  But then, the next day, much to our dismay, after the car had been sitting in the sun, we noticed bubbles forming under the wrapping and the stuff just started peeling off.  So then… after weeks of looking for the perfect match and ordering the stuff and getting it on there, we had to come up with another solution, how frustrating!

We then returned to an original idea of using a newer technique called Hydrographic printing, which uses a big tank of water and a film with a chosen design.  After the pieces are cleaned, a base coat is applied.  The pieces are then each dipped in the film in the tank of water, adhering the film to the piece.  A clear coat is later applied and voila!  And the results have been great and much more durable than the failed vinyl wrapping attempt.

IMG_8109 IMG_8141 IMG_8143


And finally, they’re in!



1975 Porsche 911

Before and after.

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1967 Mercedes (Interior)

MRP completely redone the interior and top on this 1967 Mercedes. The car turned out beautiful….Enjoy viewing this restoration. Top and Headliner pictures will follow. As always, call  us with any questions or inquiries on your next interior project.

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Sussex County Car and Airplane Show….

Not often do I get a chance to combine two of my most favorite things: Cars & Airplanes. I did have the opportunity to enjoy two car shows this year that combined the two. Here is an event I was at this past weekend,  Oct.1st. This was at the Georgetown Airport in Sussex County (RehobothBeach). I couldn’t believe there was not one porsche at this event.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Hershey at the Car Show in October! I plan on having two Porsche’s at this event- see you there!

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Yes-Lights can be brighter!

Did you ever think it would be nice if your lights were a little brighter. As fall approaches many of us will be driving our cars, as much as possible, before winter arrives. 356’s and other late model Porsche’s don’t have the most powerful lights compared to our modern cars today. Luckily, there are great options to enhance the brightness of your lights. Talk to us about these inexpensive options,  that can make a huge difference in your visibility.


Wheels really do make a difference!

Wheels can make a huge  impact on the appearance of your car. Whether its a New Car or a Classic Car, MRP can help you decide which size and type of wheel/tire would look best. Often times, we want to keep the wheels original for our classic cars, having them redone can make your car look very impressive. For our newer cars, we also can restore your wheels and make them look brand new, if perhaps they’ve seen one two many curbs.

Let us restore your wheels- so they look brand new!

Chrome Plating & Metal Restoration

Sometimes attention to detail on a few exterior pieces of your car can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of your car. Of course, together we would decide if replacing or restoring is the best solution.

MRP offers Chrome Plating and Metal Restoration for:

Bumpers: rusted, dented bumpers.

Grilles: repair and refinish pitted grilles.

Pot Metal: repair and refinish pitted cast parts.

Aluminum: Straighten, polish, re-anodize to like original.


What a great time a Car and Airplane show….

We attended a summer Car and Airplane show in Grimes, PA on June 11th.  This was a great event with many activities and interesting finds. Everyone of all ages had something fun to do.

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Craftsmanship at it’s best. Sometimes……

Often times rust is beyond the point of being able to be repaired. This is when MRP turns to making our own parts or customizing after market parts. The great thing about completely replacing parts is we can make them fit perfectly. This is  the backseat and floor area of a 1961 Roadster that is being completely restored and will be available forsale. This car will be perfect when we are done.

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Wow…here’s a car we don’t see everyday.

Working with so many different styles of cars over the years; I found, people are either drawn to exotic cars or not. I find the Ferrari 308 very intriguing from a mechanical and craftsmanship standpoint. A couple things everyone would agree on while looking at this car: 1. It’s certainly an eye catcher!. 2. It just looks fast and sleek. 3. Looks like summer and reminds me of Miami.

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