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New Website for 2011

Now that the major work on our new shop is completed, I’ve started a blog to make it easier for those who are interested to see what’s going on at MRP, to learn about the events we will be attending, and to give me an easy way to answer questions as they come up. If you have a question about high-end restorations or performance issues that might be of interest to other readers, just email us.

As great as it is to have more space in the new shop, it always seems like there’s something else to store. We’re really making progress moving restorations through the shop, which will free up some space, but I very  grateful to have the old bank barn on our property for storing bodies and parts.

Pictures of the main shop.

The shop is divided into two areas: The work area (shown above) and a storage area as shown below.

About the Blog

This is the place to check out all the latest news from the MRP workshop. We post projects in progress, completed restorations, and news and photos from the latest cars shows and swap meets.

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